"Le Tabbie" Carema doc

Aging red wine


Az.Agr.Vit.Orsolani - San Giorgio C.se
Wine variety
Aging red wine
Grapes variety
100% Nebbiolo (Picutener and Pugnet)
Grapes variety
From small mountain side terrace vineyards facing the south: “Tabbie” is their name in local dialect.
End of October.
Traditional vinification with grapes pressing to proper colour extraction. Malolactic fermentation during next Spring. 2 years aging in medium size barrels first and in smaller ones later; one more year aging in bottles before release.
In bottle
Evolution and complexing in many years.
Colour: The amaranth red with garnet-red tones on glass rim shades off into orange notes.

Nose: Strong raspberry fragrance; after light oxidation it turns into delicate violet with pomegranate tones; light notes of chocolate and ripe red fruits at fragrances tertiarization.

Palate: Round, long, tasty and balanced; final slightly tannic and sturdy note, with refining evolution into elegance.
Serving Suggestions
Served with red meat dishes, game, and ripe cheese.
It is a Nebbiolo with a great cultivation tradition in the area of Carema and also of great traditional winemaking and organoleptic characteristics. The typical elegance of the vine is prominent and is also the characteristic of the wine.
June 2010.